Monday, 29 August 2016

Rio 2016 (Part-3)

There were at least ten approved volunteers from Bangladesh that I know of however some of them were unable to come to Brazil due to the limited time they had for the preparation. However five of us managed to come from Bangladesh. 

Olympic Symbol!!! Rio 2016 Olympic Park at Barra da Yijuca!!!
My roommate Md. Mashurul Hoque is an Ex-Employee of Contact Center, Grameenphone Ltd. Resigned for Rio 2016 Olympic Games. See the level of dedication and willingness to represent his country. Don’t just question what is the point and what will you get in return? Trust me you will understand his explanation. Only few of us will understand. Anyway he came one day before me and he is assigned as an International Relationship Protocol Member. He looks after IOC and NOC family members at an Olympic venue named Sambódromo & Olympic Stadium. He also missed face to face training like me as he came here late.

With Razon Vai!!!
Pial Rezwan is another volunteer from Bangladesh who had to miss a semester from his university in order to participate at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. He is based at Olympic venue Maracanãzinho and volunteer as a press operation member. He looks after all the press and media people at Maracanãzinho. He is staying at a hostel near my apartment.

Olympic Mega store at Rio 2016 Olympic Park. Barra da Tijuca!!!
Transport team member Aynul Islam Shakib is based at the Barra Olympic Park and he arrived Rio before all of us. He looks after athletes and team official at the pickup and drop off location at the parking area. There is another volunteer from Bangladesh named Dr. Bari who is based at Tom Jobim International Airport. He works as a member of International relationship protocol. 

                                                                                                                                 < To Be Continued >

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