Thursday, 6 November 2014

My recent visit to Sylhet & Sreemangal

Well this time I am not gonna write too much. I am just gonna give you an overview with lot of pictures that I have taken during my visit.

And the journey began from Grand Sultan Tea Resort
As said it was an official tour organized by my firm. I and one of my colleagues went to Sylhet with the aim of visiting some of our clients based in Sylhet, Bangladesh. Sylhet is the capital of Sylhet District and Sylhet Division in Bangladesh. It lies on the banks of the Surma River in north-east Bangladesh. The city has a population of over 500,000 people with 26.5 km² land area.

In front famous Jaflong Waterfall 
Original plan was to go to Tanguar Haor after completing our assignments but at the end decided to go to Sreemangal with the aim of seeing tea gardens and famous Jaflong Waterfall.

Greener Bangladesh. At Jaflong Eco-Park 
We completed our assignments by Thursday (23/10/2014) evening and went to Sreemangal. We stayed overnight at Sunny Vai and Tohidul Vai’s apartment. Rabbi Vai joined us from Sunamganj.
Next morning went to Jaflong and it took over three hours to go there. The best way to visit around in Sreemangal is by a car. We used CNG to go there from Sreemangal to Jaflong. It cost us around BDT 1,300 to go and come back.

Travel Partners, Sunny Vai (right), Mehedi Vai (middle) & Rabi Vai (left)

Mehadi Vai with his style
On our way back we also used Bangladesh Railway.

Mehedi Vai: Bangladeshi Shah Rukh Khan
Next day visited some tea garden and Madhobpur Lake (Best one I have seen so far) and came back to Dhaka in the evening.

Amara Koye Jon
Bus drivers in Bangladesh are reckless. They are responsible for most of the road accident happening in Bangladesh. My recommendation for whoever reading this is, use alternative means of transport system if possible. If not then try to use recognized transport company (i.e. Greenline, Shohag, Saoudia etc). Try to avoid Hanif, Shamoly and others (similar kind).

At the famous Ispahahi Tea Garden 

At Madhobpur Lake
Anyway it was a great tour at the end. I desperately needed something like that to refresh myself. Big thanks to Mehedi Vai for smoothly managing the tour.

7 Layer Tea at Lawachara National Park
Thank for reading guys. Stay tuned.