Thursday, 22 May 2014

Story of an Amazing Winter (Part 6)

Done with all the training and paper works and now it’s time to enjoy the lovely city and do some work. Next couple of day we hangout, visited different places, tasted some local foods and most importantly made some friends.

My Sochi 2014 Paralympic Team. Best team ever!!!

I did my first shift on 30th of March 2014, it was a 9-6 shift and we literally did not do anything. One or two guests came and we were over 10 people in there to serve 2/3 guests. Not a very good start as I was expecting more works.

Sochi 2014 Olympic Park!!!

And it continued until the games actually started. Not enough work to keep myself motivated but we enjoyed our time by playing different types of games throughout the time. Sometimes we went out to see some matches.

In front of Bolshoy Ice Dome. Sochi 2014!!!

I got my first free ticket for the Alpine Skiing at Sochi Biathlon Track. I and Sveta went to see the competition. It was an amazing experience and I had the first Russian snow experience. Great day out at the end!!!

Flags. Sochi 2014 Torch!!!

The opening ceremony for Sochi 2014 Paralympic Games was amazing and I enjoyed it on television at the dining hall with my colleagues. Good start though for the Games.

Sochi 2014 Flame!!!

My second free ticket was for the similar Game and gave it to one of my colleague. But third and final free ticket was for Curling and the stadium was not far from my workplace. Went and saw half of the Game as I was not enjoying!!!

Shayba Arena for Sochi 2014 Ice Hokey!!!

Stay tuned to find out what happened with me in Russia………

< To be continued >

Friday, 9 May 2014

Story of an Amazing Winter (Part 5)

Sochi is one of the most beautiful cities I have seen so far. Mountain, forests, sea, and beach!!! What else do you need!!! We went to the city center by Lastochka electric train. Lastochka trains was unveiled Russian Railways which has a capacity of 800 passengers and can run a maximum speed of 160KM/hour.

Alina, At Lastochka Train. On our way to Sochi City. 

Any way went to the city center with my colleagues. We had to take a local bus to get to a local supermarket. I was expecting to use any public transport without paying as I did in London. But unfortunately it was not the case. We had to pay for using local transport!!! But not every time. You have to carry cash if you want to use any public transport. Paying by bank cards/electronic card is not usual.

At Sochi Train station.

Anyway we went to a big market and had some food and came home late. Had an awesome day.

Sochi River. On our way to a shopping center at Sochi. 

Anna informed me that we will have our venue specific training on next morning. We decided to meet at the dining area next morning to have our breakfast and go from there.

Sochi 2014. 

Next morning after having breakfast we went to the Olympic Village for our training. First of all we had our venue specific training then functional training. At the venue specific training it was almost as identical as the one we had for London 2012 Olympic Games.

Main Press Center. On our way for training!!!

At the role specific training they showed us what we will be doing during the games. We had few international volunteers came from west. Have not seen anyone from East. They have tried their best to translate. It was a great day as well.

At Guest Pass Center after the Role specific training. 

Stay tuned to find out what happened with me in Russia………

< To be continued >

Monday, 5 May 2014

Story of an Amazing Winter (Part 4)

Internet facility at our hotel was limited and we had only one Wi-Fi router at the reception. I was staying at 1st floor and was getting some signals from the router. Anyway checked my email at night to see whether anyone from my team contacted me for the next step i.e. uniform collection. My team leader Anna sent me an email saying that I should meet them at the dining area next morning (26th February 2014). Was really excited.

And finally we are here to collect our uniforms and Accreditation 

Spent the rest of the day with my new roommate, took some pictures and had a detail chat about my favorite topic. My first day at Sochi was awesome. Went to bed early as I was really tired and did not want to be late for next morning.

With my team!!! After collecting our Accreditation.

Next morning!!! Big day!!! Woke up early and realized that I have lost my key for my main luggage. Sweet!!!

With my team!!! After collecting our Accreditation.

Anyway went to the dining room and met my team. Honestly my first impression about my team was really good. We introduced ourselves and decided to go and collect our uniforms and accreditation. Took WF8 and went to the UDAC (uniform distribution and accreditation center). It was not organized properly. There were too many lines in there and we were not sure about our one. We were confused. I asked one of my team mate and he replied because it’s Russia!!!

With Kristina from Sochi, Russia. Volunteered with transport.

Although it was a long process and we had to spend a lot of time in the queue, still it was the most memorable time of my Sochi 2014 journey. Met with lot of people from all over Russia, took lot of pictures and had a good time.

Collected our uniforms and accreditation cards and decided to go to the city center in the evening.

Stay tuned to find out what happened with me in Russia………

< To be continued >