Friday, 6 July 2018

Rio 2016 (Part-11)

We still have two days to kill before we fly to Iguazu. We decided to explore some the islands of Rio de Janeiro. There are several islands situated in and around the mainland Rio de Janeiro.

Our ride to Paqueta Island
We decided to pay a visit to the Paqueta Island in the next day [August 30, 2016]. We have searched through google and found out that the only way to go there is by taking a ferry.

Beautiful Paqueta Island
Boats and Ferries depart from Rio de Janeiro at the XV. The trip takes a little over one hour (70minutes) and offers breath-taking views of the Guanabara Bay, Fiscal Island, Rio/Niteroi Bridge, Sun Island, Jurubaibas, among others. The boats and ferries operate from 5:15 am to 11pm, and depart every 2 hours approximately. The tickets cost roughly 3 dollars [US $] per person [R $ 4.50 reais].

Amazing Paqueta Island
We were allowed to use our Rio card at the ferry as well so we just swiped in and board to the ferry. Life was really easy with the Rio card. Benefits of being a volunteer.

The Paqueta Island is a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, part of the Guanabara bay. The island is a historic neighborhood with many cultural sites. There are historical squares, monuments, churches, chapels, statues. The roads are still paved with rocks (bumpy roads). Paqueta Island is a little piece of Brazilian history that has been preserved and protected. The neighborhood is calm and non-violent, and it is considered a perfect place to visit with family and friends.

The Beauty 
Its population was formed by members of the nobility, the landowners and slaves. Paqueta became, at the end of the nineteenth century, a tourist attraction with the publication of the novel "Moreninha", which has attracted visitors since then to enjoy the island's bucolic attractions.

Experiencing life
It is hard to believe, but the island of Paquetá is an official district of Rio de Janeiro. It looks like perfect picture book with its green hills, colorful fishing boats and pink colonial buildings. No cars are allowed on the muddy roads, only an ambulance and a garbage truck. The approximately 3,000 inhabitants usually use their bicycles.

Isn't it amazing?
Living in Paqueta Island is like living in constant contact with nature. The Island comes with beautiful beaches, mountains, beautiful old buildings and amazing views to Atlantic Ocean. What else do you need to spend rest of your life [well at least few years].

Sunset! Beauty of the Island
The island hosts many events, such as the Feast of San Roque, a tribute to the patron saint of the island that happens throughout the week or the weekend near August 16 of every year. There is also the Feast of St. Peter, in honor of the patron saint of fishermen. The fishermen maintain the tradition of a maritime procession on June 29.

Amazing Photography by Razon Bhai
The only problem the Islanders have is the water pollution. The water is contaminated with plastic bags, bottles and other household and industrial objects.

Sunset! Beautiful Paqueta Island. 
However the island itself is not the reason for the water pollution in the bay, but rather the nearby metropolis of Rio. More than 50 rivers flow into Guanabara Bay, around nine million people live in its vicinity, more than half of them in poor conditions.

Sunset! Paqueta Island.
We spent around 3 hours at the island and visited one side to other. Three hours is certainly not enough to explore an Island like Paqueta. If you really wanna experience you need to stay at the Island for at least couple of days.

Fishing at Paqueta Island. Rio.
As we went there in the afternoon and we were lucky enough to experience the beautiful sunset in the other side of the Island. The view was spectacular.

At the Ferry. With Razon Bhai.
If I get the chance again then will certainly visit the Island again and will certainly stay few nights at the Island.

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