Friday, 5 August 2016

Road to Rio 2016

Rio 2016 will be my third Olympic Games participation and this time I am applying from my beloved country Bangladesh. Applying from a developing country like Bangladesh is fun and challenging.

Applied and got accepted as a volunteer. I was confident because of my previous participation in London 2012 and Sochi 2014 which gave me valuable experiences about the games and gave me confident that I needed to face the interview. Volunteers are the heart of the games. They make the games happen and make it memorable for the athletes, team officials and spectators. Games Makers from London 2012 were amazing and volunteers from Sochi 2016 were also been amazing. I am sure volunteers from Rio 2016 will also be amazing. However journey for Rio 2016 volunteers were not smooth and efficient. Organizing Committee made it to the last minute to send invitation letters to the selected volunteers.

A lot of national and international volunteers had to abandon their dream to Rio 2016 because they received their invitation in the last minute and did not have enough time to organize their journey.

Fortunately I received my invitation a bit earlier. I was told to apply for tourist visa however Brazilian Embassy in Dhaka, Bangladesh requires a long list of documents. Produced all the requested documents and submitted my application to the embassy here in Dhaka.

Bought my ticket about two months ago to get a better deal. However the agency that I bought my tickets from forgot to pay to the airline company so the airlines cancelled my tickets. I was supposed to fly on 28 July 2016 and reach there on 29 August. My shift starts from 06 August 2016 and I have a venue specific training schedule on 01 August 2016. I missed my training and surely going to miss my first two shifts.

The agency gave me another ticket for 07 August 2016 via Kuala Lumpur and Istanbul. All packed and I am flying tomorrow In Shah Allah. 

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