Saturday, 27 August 2016

Rio 2016 (Part-2)

Missed my venue specific and fist two shifts because of the flight cancellation. I am currently volunteering with the Event Services Team (EVS) based at Olympic Stadium. EVS team members are responsible to do variety of tasks with the main focus of spectator management both inside and outside of the stadium.

EVS Team at the Workforce Entrance!!!
I work at the main entrance of the stadium where we are the first point of contact for the spectators. We guide them to pass the security check and scan their tickets and finally guide them to their designated seat written on their tickets. It’s not as simple as it sounds as the Stadium can accommodate around 47,000 people and managing them before the games is tough. But we enjoy what we do.

Olympic Stadium!!! Bangladeshi Flag!!!
Most of our spectators do not speak English at all but it does not create too much problem as my Brazilian team members are awesome and always extent their helping hand.

And we have the opportunity to go inside!!!
I have nine days of work for the Olympic Games at the same location and at every shift we have one hour lunch break. We are provided with one meal for every shift we do. They have different menus for every day.

Before coming here my colleagues, friends and family members warned me as Brazil considered to be an unsafe place. Even my Brazilian friends and colleagues share the same feelings about the security situation in some part of Rio de Janeiro. To some extent they are right as some places are dangerous. However bad thing happens everywhere not just in Brazil but in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Olympic Stadium!!! Rio 2016!!!
I consider myself a traveler not a tourist and want to experience real Brazil. I want to see how they lead their life and I am sure by the end of my journey at Rio 2016 I will be able to taste a real Brazil.

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  1. Congratulation! It's really great to hear that you are in Rio-2016 Olympic. From the reunion of Bindas held at TSC, I was eagerly waiting to hear for that. :)

    1. Hey Thank you very much. I am glad that I took the decision to come here. Having a good time. See you soon... Keep well.Keep reading..