Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Training with CRAB

And the journey began from yesterday as CRAB started providing our training. In Bangladesh there are four different types of business for a credit rating firms to provide their rating services. These are:
  • Bnks and financial institutions rating
  • Corporate rating
  • Small and medium size (SME) organization rating
  • Project rating

It’s a 15 days nonstop training session on those four divisions. There will be 5 trainers from CRAB, who are expert on those areas.

We have just finished 2 days with the first trainer who is a SME expert at CRAB. There will be two more days for the same topic (SME) but with another expert from CRAB. Looking forward to meet him and gather more knowledge on SME.

It takes over two hours to reach home from my office. Unreliable!!! Really hate this traffic jam.

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