Thursday, 11 September 2014

And the real journey began….

Thirteen trainees, eight days, four trainers and two segments (SME & Corporate ratings), this is what we have done so far. We were supposed to have training on Project rating today but it was cancelled. Officially the training finished yesterday and today we have been allocated to different teams.

I was hoping that I will be allocated to Banks, NBFI & Insurance team but ended up becoming a team member of SME & Corporate. Am I disappointed??? Not really!!! Now I will have the opportunity to work with different industries from manufacturing to service, power sector to MNC.

I know it won’t be easy but I am ready to work hard and give my 100% to increase my expertise in different industries. Met my new team members and supervisor at the end of the team allocation meeting with Chief Rating Officer (CRO). Lovely people!

AND the struggle with Traffic in Dhaka continues. Average it takes over two hours from my office to home, sometimes more. Really disgusting!!!!!

Next one will be on Credit Rating!!!

My old desk. I was given a new one. 

< Stay Tuned >

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