Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Journey with Credit Rating Agency of Bangladesh Limited (CRAB)

After my first interview with Accenture Bangladesh they invited me for the final one with the HR director from Accenture India. It was a nice conversation with the guy from India. He asked me so many questions about my role as a President of the Student Association. I did not realize he is an Indian and he will never understand the value of leadership skill.

After that someone advised me that they are looking for a follower not a leader so I should not put my leadership roles in my CV if I want to be considered in Bangladesh.

Well you made some political comments during your second interview, the guy replied from Accenture Bangladesh when I asked him about the outcome of my application a few days later. Means I am not selected. I was really disappointed. They offered me BD TK 50,000 per month for the position. I heard that they are offering BD TK 20,000 for the same position, means they are getting 2 and a half man for BD TK 50,000.

Anyway I started applying again. I was randomly sending my CV to Credit Rating firms in Bangladesh for a Financial Analyst position. One of the firms named CRAB called me for a written test. Passed the test and selected for interview. Passed the interview with management and selected for the final test and presentation. Finally passed the final test and presentation as well and eventually received the offer.

Joined them on 25/08/2014. Have been reviewing some of the old reports since then. My training will start from next week. It takes over two and half hours to reach home from my new office. I don’t know how long I will survive if that happen every day.

My desk for the time being!!!!

< Stay Tuned >

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