Saturday, 23 August 2014

Story of an Amazing Winter (Last Part)

Time flies so fast especially when you are happy. I was so happy that I did not even realize I already spent 26 days in Russia and I will be leaving soon. I bought my return ticket to Istanbul on 21st March and all of my friends will leave by 20th. Means I have to stay there one more night alone.

Saying goodbye to Anna (Middle)

It was so emotional for all of us to say goodbye. Although we spent few days together but I felt like we were there for so long. Two of my Russian roommates left on 17th March and my Slovenian mate left on 19th.

Last day with Luka

Saying goodbye to Guzalia

After spending 26 days in Russian Federation I realized that whatever I have heard about Russia and Russian people are not true. I am glad that I went to Russia and did not listen to my well-wishers in London, UK.

Last Night at Omega

Probably the best winter so far. It was hard to say goodbye to my friends and colleagues. I enjoyed every single second of it.

Last day at the Guest Pass with my team.

Saying goodbye to our colleague Victor

Russia is an interesting country to explore and I recommend you all to visit Russia. Sochi is one of the best cities I have visited so far and I would love to visit Sochi again.

Saying Goodbye to Maria (Middle)

Saying goodbye to Rachel (Middle)

I just would like to share the status I wrote just before my departure. It summarizes an amazing journey.

Can't believe it's over and I am leaving Russian Federation in few hours’ time. Spent 25 days without realizing it. Still feeling like I just came and waiting for my friends (Anna, Maria, Maria, Alina, Lieana, Nadia, Rachel, Larisa, Andrey, Luka, Sveta, Olga and all other Guest Pass Team members) to join me. I don't want to say bye as I am sure I will see you guys somewhere in Russia, Bangladesh, Rio, Korea, London or Japan. Keep well and have a happy life. Will miss you all. Finally would like to thank all of you I met in Sochi for your help and love. You are part of my life now and I will never forget you. Stay tuned. Spasibo (Thank you) Russia. dosvidaniya (goodbye) until I see you next time.
Shared on VK (On 21st March, 19.55 Russian standard time)!!!

Saying goodbye to Rachel & Olga

Finally saying goodbye to Gregory (Village support manager)

Nothing happened with me in Russia!!! Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

< End >

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