Thursday, 5 June 2014

Story of an Amazing Winter (Part 7)

The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee organized a training session for international volunteers and as usual they have done it once we have done couple of shifts. Anyway I and my American friend Rachel went to the training with some other fellow international volunteers. The session was conducted by English First (EF). They explained the culture and work style of Russia and most importantly showed us the list of Don’ts and Dos that everyone should remember while staying in Russia. (Lists attached below)

Training for International Volunteers by EF: Dos in Russia!!! 

Training for International Volunteers by EF: Don'ts in Russia!!!

Training done, couple of shifts done and most importantly made lot of friends. So far have not met anyone who is considered to be rude or arrogant. Started to realize that all those complements (!!!!!!!!!) that I have heard before leaving UK about Russia and Russians are not true.

City of Sochi at night!!!

To be frank I have found Russia a very interesting place to visit where you can ride in a bus without paying, can make lot of friends, where people appreciate when they see a foreigner complementing their country. Russians love their country more than anything. They can give their life for their country and they (well most of them) believe their leaders are doing well for Russia.

This is what I have eaten during my 26 days stay in Sochi!!! 

Met with lot of Russians and discussed about the politics of Russia. Most of the people I met believe that Mr. Putin is the right person for Russia and whatever he is doing, he is doing for good. I explained why Putin is the right person for them and at the same time why it is dangerous to have only one strong leader rather than having some younger   leaders with the potentiality to lead Russia when Mr. Putin retires.

Sochi 2014 Cross country skiing!!!

Well one of my Russian Colleagues believes that having one man with all the powers is good for Russia. He also believes that the system will make a successor once Mr. Putin departs from the power. My only concern is not having a proper system that can make a dynamic leader for Russia when needed. But my lovely colleague believes that there is a proper system in place and Russia will rise again.

Sochi 2014 Mountain Village!!!

Stay tuned to find out what happened with me in Russia………

< To be continued >

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