Monday, 21 April 2014

Story of an Amazing Winter (Part 2)

24/02/2014. And that’s it my five years and 2 months journey in UK has finished. What a journey it has been since January 2009. Worked and studied with some amazing people. Did not get the chance to say goodbye properly but I just want you to know that, you are part of my life and I will never forget you. Keep well and keep in touch.

Taken at Heathrow just before the final security check. 

It was a two part flight with two different airlines. First one was from London Heathrow to Istanbul with Turkish Airlines and the second one with Aeroflot from Istanbul to Sochi. Was really excited. Thanks to my friend Kawsar who was with me to say goodbye at the airport and surprisingly I was not sad. I had over 8 KG extra luggages but managed to send it without paying. Thanks to the power of smile.

And the journey began. Seriously I was feeling nervous about my upcoming journey. A journey to unknown. My plane took off from Heathrow at 16.10 (UK Standard time) and landed Istanbul at 22.00 (Istanbul local time). I had always been a good feeling about Istanbul and the people of Turkey until that day. No offence to my Turkish friends but I did not get a good hospitality from Istanbul Airport. I understand it was in the midnight and people were tired but smiling does not cost much.

At Istanbul Airport 24/02/2014

As I had to use two different airlines for my journey to Sochi, so I had to check in twice (one in Heathrow and other one is at Istanbul). I went to the Turkish Airlines counter to change the destination of my main luggage I felt like employees are there not to help customers but to spend time. They were talking to each other, checking facebook, talking over the phone etc. Anyway luckily I had enough time to sort that out as my second flight to Russia was at 1.05 AM.

Everything sorted and I was getting closer to be part of another history. It was announced that the boarding to flight SU 5339 will start from 12.15. We were waiting at the gate and nobody from the airline was there till 12.45. Then one man and a woman arrived at the desk. They did not say anything and no one was asking why the boarding has not started yet. I asked them at around 1.00 about the status of our flight and they replied that the plane has just arrived and it needs to refuel. Ops!!! Not a good start and definitely not a good first impression about Russia. Then they changed the gate and we had to walk over 15 minutes. I was really tired.

At around 1.45 the boarding started and we entered the plane. It was quick and the flight took off at 2.05 (One hour delay but no apology from the plane crews). We were scheduled to land at Sochi Internal Airport at 05.00 (Sochi local time) but because of the delay we were late for 15 minutes. Thanks to the Russian pilots. We landed at 05.15 Sochi local time. Arrived at the immigration in less than 10 minutes (I was really surprised). Went to the immigration and surprised.

Stay tuned to find out what happened with me in Russia………

< To be continued >

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